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Dead weight July 24, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Last up is the dead lift This is probably my best lift – I can hoist up more than double my bodyweight, which is respectable for a non-power lifter – but Banks has another surprise in store.


We’re going to try sumo dead lifts,’ he says. ‘I teach these to beginners because it’s easier to set your back in the right position, but they’ll also let you lift more weight’

While in a regular dead lift you keep your feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart, with your arms outside them, a sumo dead lift starts with your feet twice as far apart and toes pointed outwards. With your chest forward and head up, it’s almost impossible to round your back, which is the most common cause of dead lift injuries. The other is bending your arms or jolting the weight off the floor, so Banks advises me to lock out my elbows and take some of the strain before I straighten up in preparation for the lift, which also works.


I crank out five reps with 110kg and make it look easy enough that Banks decides to break out his final surprise: giant rubber bands. With these it’ll feel like you’re lifting 110 at the bottom and 130 towards the top,’ says Banks, fixing these big purple straps over the bar’s ends and onto the lifting platform. ‘It means you can work on your lockout strength without falling over backwards.


This really works: my ‘pull’ instantly feels better and I lock out properly at the top.


As everyone else in the gym starts to do assistance exercises, which help build the muscles required for power lifting, I’m left feeling glad I haven’t embarrassed myself but slightly awed by how much I need to learn. There are other factors that have to be taken in mind to improve your power lifitng. One of them is wearing glasses or contact lenses. Learn if there’s something wrong in wearing contact lens king while doing exercises.


Heavy going

If you’re trying to add weight to some of the most important lifts you can do, the best route to success is clearly to go to the people who do it competitively. And with a month’s membership to British Barbell costing about the same as half an hour with a personal trainer, it wouldn’t break the bank to sneak in a couple of sessions along with your regular gym routine. Your lower back will thank you for it.

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